To All my Fellow Grotesque Creatures

6 thoughts on “To All my Fellow Grotesque Creatures”

  1. Oh, my dear friend, I soo relate. Unfortunately, my family reinforced the idea I was grotesque and undesirable. “Oh dear Lord, there is Paul ruining another picture.” (I kid you not.)

    I’m still very uncomfortable with my physical appearance. Hence, no selfies and Anpu as my current avatar. And even after 60 years on this planet, I probably look into mirrors less frequently than your average vampire.

    You, my friend, enrich my life so much. I love your snarky sense of humor, your creativity, your intellect, and your slightly tilted view of the world. You are a gift. You are beautiful.

    Bright Blessings

    PD Austin

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    1. Oh wow, I’m so sorry you went through that! That would be so difficult, no one deserves that. You’re an absolutely wonderful person and I’m so incredibly lucky to have stumbled across such a great friend! Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful compliments. I absolutely cannot tell you how much they mean. I even saved them to look back on when I’m feeling wretched, because from time to time, I still do that, lol! You are absolutely beautiful too.


  2. This was a great entry. I felt this on many levels and I loved that you focused on how even if we *were* ugly (who decides that anyway?) so what?

    I’ve spent the last few years coming to terms with my averageness and that’s exactly the mindset I took. Looks are not even close to the most interesting thing about humans.


    1. First off, you’re SOOOO not average! But, I also know exactly how it feels to think of yourself that way and it’s something we all struggle with. You’re magnificent in so many ways. And though you’re stunningly beautiful, your kindness and warmth are what matters and what makes me truly love and appreciate you.


  3. Wonderfully written. I had never heard of a Marabou stork, better believe I Google’d it. I enjoyed reading how your viewpoint shifted, your exaggerated self-portrait and your dad’s song. No matter how we look, there is some impossible standard we hold ourselves to and we choose to pick ourselves apart. And you’re right, it’s our choice to do it. Again, really enjoyed this and thank you for sharing. 🙂


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