Uggs, moss, and headless floating ghosts

4 thoughts on “Uggs, moss, and headless floating ghosts”

  1. Boy, that leg did not look good. I’m surprised you were able to crawl back inside. I fell outside once and broke my hip. I could not move. Now I never go outside without my cell phone.


    1. Oh wow! Your HIP!? I can’t even imagine! That must have been awful. I keep my cell on me all the time too! Specifically just in case of stuff like that. I have definitely fallen again since then, quite hard too, but managed not to do more harm than bruises etc. I’m usually wearing things like uggs or crocs when I fall so I’m officially not allowed to wear them anymore, lol!


    1. You know, I love and miss my crocs! They were so easy and comfortable! I think I’m just too clumsy, that paired with the rainy weather around here and lack of traction makes it unsafe for me, personally. Gosh I miss them, though! 😦

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