I Am the Monster Under the Bed

10 thoughts on “I Am the Monster Under the Bed”

  1. Weird….

    You had a lot of chutzpa.

    I’ve been accused of a lot of things. Normal has not been one of them.

    The girl friend of my college roommate hated me. I was way too creepy and gross.,😁

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    1. Lol! I was just so completely ignorant of how creepy I was that it’s laughable now. At least I figured it out eventually! Growth. Growth is a good thing. As for you, you’re awesome, so I’m glad you’re not normal!


  2. I was a loner in School and the only “friend” in high school was a divorced 37 year old woman I hung around… I think she’s the reason I had misconceptions of women… til I went into the military ( best thing for me) I finally started to mature, I still think of Sandra to this day and I’m in my 50’s…sometimes we “ weird” peeps mature or are late bloomers

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    1. I’m definitely a late bloomer, myself. I’m almost 40 and I still feel like I’m catching up to everyone else. I think the weird/late bloomer connection is a really good point, because I’d bet money that’s where a lot of mine stems from!


      1. Miffed
        You and I are singing the same song lol
        I remember that woman, I’d told you earlier, she taught me all the secrets of what women liked, at the time I hoped I didn’t disappoint her… anyway thanks for writing love to connect if you like


  3. Oh wow, you have a great writing voice. Reminds me of Allie Brosh in a way. This was a truly entertaining read, made easier because of your style. And I appreciate how you make others feel less alone at the same time. Great stuff here. Thanks for sharing, you monster you!

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  4. I loved this! The story about you sleeping under the bed is hilarious because I can imagine the excitement of an 11 year old but then I can imagine the horror of the 20something year old woman and the two together make for one unique story! This entire post is full of gems.

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    1. Thank you so much! I wonder if I’ll ever get the guts up to apologize to the poor woman someday. I’m hoping she somehow magically forgot it happened and I’m afraid to remind her by mentioning it, lol!


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