The Strangest Thing that’s ever Happened to Me

4 thoughts on “The Strangest Thing that’s ever Happened to Me”

  1. I remember that movie. Not the specifics but I remember how it felt. To this day I don’t hear white noise the same way. We have a landline phone in our garage, no service but the wires are connected. Sometimes I listen to it. It just. sounds. wrong. Someday I’ll record it but I’m kind of afraid to.


    1. Oh that DOES sound creepy! White noise in general is spooky stuff. It always feels like you’re about to hear something that will freak you out for the rest of your life. And the movie, though not perfect, did really freak me out when I saw it. I remember that feeling too!


  2. Whoa, that indeed is a strange thing, and I can imagine your concern. But let’s take it one step back for a second and let me just remind you how amazing your writing voice is. I believe I’ve said this before, but no harm in repeating, lol.

    And another segue, the movie that I’ve been most freaked out by to date is Paranormal Activity.


    1. Oh my gosh, how did I miss this comment? For some reason my comment alert button seems to have been turned off. Thank you sooooo much! You just made my day! Even if it was a month and a half later that I actually noticed this, lol. I so appreciate your words! And yes. Paranormal Activity is super freaky! I think it’s because it feels so real. Like the kind of stuff that could actually happen to someone. I love how simple it is. I remember seeing the second one, and they had a scene where the pots and pans in the kitchen started swaying in the middle of the night. For some reason that freaked me out. The idea of things happening at night while I’m asleep….*shudders*

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